Black Milk Gastro Bar

Gastronomic manifesto

Black Milk Gastro Bar

The vision for BMGB Omakase is a ”mashed up omakase”.
We take the traditional Japanese tradition, where the guest leaves his faith in the hands of a culinary artist.

With that our boundaries become limitless. We choose to govern that trust by including gastronomy with a world wide blend of products and techniques.

We also include cocktails into the ”fine-dining room”, by giving it its own identity pairing with our cuisine.

Our ambience is loud, intimate and contemporary.

Black Milk L’Osteria

The L´Osteria is a small intimate cocktail bar with high ambitions to bring something new to the Stockholm bar scene.

Here you’re able to eat smaller dishes with focus on top ingredients and produce in season. But with the DNA from The Gastro Bar.

Black Milk Gastro Bar​


With BMGB Lunch we want to slow down the pace a bit and go back to where we come from in terms of gastronomy.

Genuine old school cooking with influnces from southern europe, in a contemporary setting, as far away from trends and concepts as we can come.

In the long run we aim to bring new light on the Slow Food movement.

Basically really good food cooked with love, time and craftsmanship.

Black Milk Gastro Bar​


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